J Draper

Jan Draper

Happy Fall/Winter!!

 You might wonder, what is the staff at FES thinking each day as your students enter our classrooms?  We remain constantly focused on providing an environment, and exposing students to curriculum, that allows them to be college or career ready. 

 That sounds odd, preparing first graders for college?  Public education is a series of stepping-stones.  Each step must adequately prepare students to move ahead to the next.  We know that the content students are immersed in here at FES is preparing them to be successful well beyond their years here with us. 

 We also feel committed to providing an experience that creates the excitement and drive that students need to return to school each day.  We know that years from now students won’t be as capable of reporting the ‘what’ that they learned in elementary school, but they will be able to remember their teachers, and the influences that these individuals had on their love of learning. 

 We truly feel that Florence Elementary School, home of the Bears, is the whole package!  We thank you for making us your choice!