We are looking for Mama and Papa Bears who are interested in supporting our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Fremont Elementary. We encourage you to become a member of Fremont Elementary’s PTO, by volunteering your time and skills where and when it is available and convenient for you.  Our PTO encourages every parent, grandparent, and any adult that is involved in a Fremont Elementary child’s life to join the PTO.

Fremont Elementary School PTO needs your help. PTO is committed to helping students, teachers and parents at Fremont Elementary. All individuals in the school community are part of the PTO team.  By working together, parents and school personnel can help ensure successful school experiences for your students.  Promoting a better understanding of PTO programs and purposes will help us to be more effective in our student and family activities. Fremont Elementary PTO continues to find new ways to provide a setting for parents, staff, and community members to come together to improve the lives of children and families through our programs and activities. We invite you to support and join our PTO.

With your support, we can strengthen the home to school connection. Help make a positive difference in your child’s life and school.