About Us

About Fremont Elementary School

Fremont Elementary School has been providing education in Florence since 1963.  We are celebrating our 50th year this year!  We have a student population of 420 students and a total of 52 staff members.  At Fremont Elementary, we are dedicated to creating a community of learners within a safe and respectful environment.  Our goal is to set the foundation for students to be college and career-ready after graduating from Florence High School.

Fremont strives to provide all students with the skills necessary for their grade so they will be successful at the next level.  Our leadership team meets regularly to talk about our school goals and student growth and achievement.  We revisit our School Improvement Plan and determine if we are on target or have to make refinements.  Our students have made progress but we know there is still work to be done.  We want to be sure that all students are making adequate growth – both our low students as well as our high achieving students.  Everyone should be challenged to grow.

Our Staff

We know that students learn best when they feel safe and supported.  We do our best to have a positive culture within the building where diversity is appreciated, tolerance is taught and respect is given. Every effort is made to connect with students while establishing firm expectations for behavior and learning. Our staff is committed to meeting weekly to align lesson focused on the Colorado Academic Standards, using our district-adopted Curriculum Maps.  Meetings are held regularly to look at student achievement and growth.  Adjustments in instruction are made when students have not met or have exceeded goals. 

Our Students

We are proudly the Fremont Bears!  Our students have opportunities to be active during physical education and learn to choose healthy lifestyle; be exposed to the arts through Creative Arts and Music; and have opportunities to have engaging interactive technology lessons.  They have daily lessons in reading, writing and math; they have science and social studies 2-4 times/week.   Through PBIS (our Positive Behavior Intervention System), our students are taught the positive behavior expectations and then throughout the year we celebrate those students who demonstrate being SR2 – safe, respectful and responsible.  Good citizenship is an expectation at FES as is working hard in class.  Students are honored who demonstrate strong academics.  They are also recognized when they are exceeding their personal learning goals.  We know that to be successful in life, students need to be taught how to set goals and recognize what they need to work on to achieve those goals. 

We know that we are so much more effective when we can work together with you. We value your input and invite you to come into our school and see what we are about.  Volunteers have a huge impact on our students.  We truly believe that “Together We Succeed”.  Come be a part of our team!  

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